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early education video series for children

A little girl named Nora is fretting over entering a new school. With the help of a special hippo teacher, Nora's fears come to an end and she learns to enjoy school. The center stage of the movie is the Bumble Bee Academy, a daycare run by Hilda Hobson, the head teacher. Best for the children in the age ranges 3 years to 8 years, the movie is a fantastic tool that will teach children numbers, alphabet, and how to have fun while learning. Children are also encouraged to listen to others, overcome their fears, try new things, help others, and so much more.

Fiction based education plays a huge part in a child's development. Stories can widen children's imagination, expose them to new ideas, and help build their vocabulary. Stories can help children to deal with issues in their own life and to prepare for new experiences. This is a great movie for parents who are looking to orient their children in a group learning environment with a virtual daycare/kindergarten experience.