Surviving Gretchen

Surviving Gretchen

Thick as thieves since birth, Abby and Emma aren't just best friends. They're like two life forces sharing the same soul, certain the ties that bind them can weather any storm. Then a pretentious prima donna of a girl named Gretchen blows into their lives, swirling across the landscape of their friendship like a hurricane. Will Abby and Emma survive Gretchen?

Throw in a precocious younger brother, a guitar plucking prankster of an older brother, as well as a pet goat—all with a penchant for mischief—and Surviving Gretchen makes for a delightfully charming story which will have you crying one minute and laughing the next.

Bonnie Daly’s Surviving Gretchen, Book One in The Storms of Friendship Series, is a humorous, inspiring read for all ages which reveals not only the importance of trust, friendship, and family but also how we should never take those whom we love for granted.

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